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Remote Learning

Remote Learning at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School


While our school priority is to provide high-quality face to face learning, this is not always possible. All children therefore must have access to Remote Learning where this is necessary. We only consider remote learning as a short-term solution where school attendance is not an option.

Situations where we may need to offer remote learning may include:

  • Where a pupil is physically unable to attend school due to infectious illness
  • An occasion where it is deemed unsafe to open the school
  • Instruction from Government to close the school.


Remote learning is a blend of online learning and offline activities and other resources including learning packs.

Each teacher sets daily lessons for the children.  The children in KS1 and KS2 will receive between 3 to 5 hours of learning each day depending on the age of the child.  The teacher will communicate the timetable for the week. 


Please note, that children need to complete their allocated number of learning hours each day.  Parents are able to communicate with the class teachers via email using the address below.  Teachers will respond between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm.  Please do not expect an answer outside of these times.  Due to the teachers being engaged in remote learning with their pupils you may not get an answer immediately but the teachers will respond within 24 hours.


The children have the ability to communicate with the class via our learning platforms if they have any questions regarding their learning.  Children must only use the chat or messenger system for learning or work-related communication with the teacher or their peers. 


Please ensure that the children are not left alone when learning online.  Further guidance on online safety can be found on this website.  You can raise your online safety concerns with your class teacher if you are worried about any online safety issues.


Year 6 – Miss Clotworthy

Year 5 – Miss Kennedy

Year 4 – Miss Kelly

Year 3 – Miss Morbey

Year 2 – Miss Beecham

Year 1 – Mrs Patel

Reception – Miss Clinch

Nursery – Mr Wolahan

Remote Learning Policy