St Mary's RC Primary School

Live, Learn, Love.

Other Faiths

As part of our Religious Education programme the children are taught about other faiths, we study Hinduism, Judaism and Islam.

Once a term, a weeklong study is undertaken where the children are taught about different faiths. The teaching about other religions is important because:

  • Learning about other religions and cultures is one of the ways in which we fulfil our call to love our neighbour. As the Church says, “The love for all men and women is necessarily also a love for their culture. Catholic schools are, by their very vocation, intercultural.” (Congregation for Catholic Education p61).
  • The Church states that schools “try to understand better the religion of one’s neighbours, and to experience something of their religious life and culture.” (Catholic Bishops’ Conference p3).
  • The Church suggests that schools “find ways in which pupils can learn to engage in dialogue and to develop an attitude of respect for religious diversity. This will necessitate the inclusion of a broader study of both Christianity and of other world faiths in the Religious Education syllabus.” (Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales, 1997)
  • It prepares our children for life in modern Britain, giving them an understanding of the beliefs of others. 

When are other faiths taught?

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Judaism (November) Hinduism (February) Islam (May)