St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Our faith is unique.

Catholic Life

Catholic Values and Virtues





At St. Mary’s, we believe in forming the full person, both in education and in well-being and faith. In school we provide times in which students can partake in a time of reflection and faith-building, in forms of liturgy, daily prayer and collective worship opportunities and much more.

Community worship is at the heart of our religious life, so in unity we can remember we are here to walk this life together in faith, hope and love while we are a pupil or staff member at St Mary’s.

As a Catholic school we have a responsibility not only to teach students about the Catholic Faith, but to give them opportunities to experience the Catholic Faith which we do through celebrating Mass on Holy Days of Obligation, marking important events in the life of the school and participating in liturgies which celebrate important events in the Church Calendar. Some examples of this include Christmas nativities, Ash Wednesday Services, , Holy Week Liturgies and hosting a Pentecost party. These acts of worship help to promote the school’s Catholic identity and bring us together as a faith community.


St. Mary's is rated as 'Good' in all areas with an  'Outstanding' for Catholic Life of the School. Please click on the document below to see the latest report.